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Be it at a commercial entity or personal living space, every individual yearns for a perfect sanctuary where a piece of oneself can be found. A place that is unique; a place that defines personal lifestyle desires; a place to call one’s own. At Nine Five Designs, we understand this all perfectly. And that is why we take into account your unique needs when we create your special haven.

Nine Five believes that interior design is more than putting up attractive wallpaper, laying down expensive stones or selecting an impressive chandelier. At its core, interior design is about providing fundamental solutions for a more functional way of living, tailored to the inhabitant’s lifestyle: how he entertains, works, cooks, transits between spaces, and feels. Simultaneously it is about beauty and sensory satisfaction achieved through tasteful aesthetics that consider alignment, co-ordination, balance, proportion and more. All these contribute to creating a harmonious, “feel-good” atmosphere, which is Nine Five’s aim in every project.

The firm is headed by Mr. Sai Venkata Ramana (SV), a civil engineer and qualified interior designer, who is proficient in design projects of various types and magnitude. His approach to interior design is one that exchanges rigid ideology for creativity and innovation. His success has always paralleled the clients’ satisfaction, and this success is apparent by the frequent return of previous clients.

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